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Unformatted text preview: Last Name: pseudopodia Parabasalids Dinoflagellates Alveolates contractile vacuole Penicillium anaerobic fermentation mycorrhizae basidium haplontic conidia First Name: RED ID: Biology 204  Spring 2011  Quiz 3 1. Arm ­like structures in amoebae that function in phagocytosis. 2. Eukaryotic group containing Trichomonas vaginalis, infects vagina of females and urethra of males; sexually transmitted. 3. Group containing chlorophyll a & c, starch, cell walls absent or in plates (thecae), and two flagella in grooves. 4. Group of eukaryotes with membrane ­enclosed sacs at cell periphery, composed of ciliates, dinoflagellates, ampicomplexans. 5. Structure that functions in expelling excess water from a cell. 6. Genus of Ascomycetes that is source of antibiotics. 7. Chemical process carried on by yeast, important in alcoholic beverage and bread production, converts sugars to ethanol + CO2. 8. Symbiotic association between a fungus and root of a land plant 9. Sexual reproductive structure with extruded spores. 10. Type of life cycle found in all fungi. ExCr. Asexual reproductive structure in Ascomycetes. ...
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