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Lecture 1 : Study Questions and Answers 1. List the three traditional subdivisions of genetics and summarize what each covers. Transmission genetics: inheritance of genes from one generation to the next, gene- mapping. Molecular genetics: structure, organization, and function of genes at a molecular level. Population genetics: genes and changes in genes in populations. 2. Outline the notion of pangenesis and explain how it differs from the germ-plasm theory. Pangenesis theorizes that information for creating each part of the offspring’s body originates from each part of the parent’s body and is passed through the reproductive organs to the embryo at conception. Pangenesis suggests that changes in parts of the parent’s body may be passed to the offspring’s body. The germ- plasm theory, in contrast, states that the reproductive cells possess all of the information required to make the complete body; the rest of the body contributes no information to the next generation. 3. What does the concept of the inheritance of acquired characteristics propose and how isit related to the theory of pangenesis? The theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics postulates that traits acquired during one’s lifetime can be transmitted to offspring. It developed from pangenesis, which postulates that information from all parts of one’s body is transmitted to the next generation. Thus, for example learning acquired in the brain or larger arm muscles developed through exercise could be transmitted to offspring. 4. Define blending inheritance. The theory of blending inheritance proposes that the egg and sperm from two parents contains material that blends upon conception, influencing the development of the offspring. This theory indicates that the offspring is an equal blend of the two parents. In 5. Outline the relations between genes, DNA, and chromosomes.
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Lecture 1 Answers - Lecture 1: Study Questions and Answers...

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