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Unformatted text preview: Biology 352 LECTURE 1: Introduction to Genetics Today’s topics: 1. Course overview 2. Introduction to genetics 3. A brief history of genetics 4. DNA structure and replication Readings: Pierce Extra: Chapter 10: 275-280, 412-414 (extra review in Chapter 2) Freeman and Herron: 143-145 Course overview (All information available in the syllabus) Organization Prerequisites and crashing Spring 2011 Blackboard web site: https://blackboard.sdsu.edu Office Hours: 1300-1400 Monday through Thursday or by appointment. Grading Course Objectives Introduction to Genetics What is genetics: Basic terminology: Trait Inherited traits Subdisciplines of genetics (Fig. 1.6) Molecular genetics Transmission genetics 1 of 4 Biology 352 Population genetics Spring 2011 A brief history of genetics 10,000 – 1,000 BC Artificial selection (Fig. 1.9) Greeks (ca. 600 – 300BC) (Fig. 1.10) Pangenesis Inheritance of acquired characteristics Aristotle 1600’s to 1800’s Discovery of cells and developments in embryology (Fig. 1.10) Blending inheritance Understanding that somatic cells differ from germ cells 1859: Charles Darwin 1857 – 1863: Gregor Mendel 2 of 4 Biology 352 DNA structure and replication 1953: Watson and Crick Spring 2011 Nucleotide subunits of A, T, G, C (Pierce Extra Fig. 10.10) Double helix (Pierce Extra Fig. 10.13) DNA has a directional structure Complementary base pair: A-T and G-C DNA replication Gene 3 of 4 Biology 352 Chromosome Spring 2011 Genome (Fig. 2.6) Evolution: any change in the genetic composition of a population over time. Genotype: genetic composition of an individual Phenotype: appear of an individual Expression: relates genotype to phenotype Genetic code: (Pierce Extra Fig. 15.10) The genetic code is redundant. The “central dogma”: (Pierce Extra Fig. 10.16) DNA >> RNA >> Protein Transcription Translation Codon Review “Basic concepts in genetics”, pp. 11-12 For Next Time: Pierce: 237-257, 267-279 Freeman and Herron: 145-148, 152-159 4 of 4 ...
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