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ADL-07-Quantitative Techniques in Management-AM3 Assignment - A Question 1 How has quantitative analysis changed the current scenario in the management world today? Question 2 What are sampling techniques? Briefly explain the cluster sampling technique. Question 3 What is the significance of Regression Analysis? How does it help a manager in the decision making process? Question 4 Explain the following terms in detail (give examples where necessary): - a) Arithmetic mean b) Harmonic mean c) Geometric mean d) Median e) Mode Question 5 Explain the classical approach to the probability theory. Also explain the limitation of classical definition of probability. Assignment - B Question 1 Write a note on decision making in management. How one will take decision under risk and uncertainty. Question 2 The Mumbai Cricket Club, a professional club for the cricketers, has the player who led the league in batting average for many years. Over the past ten years, Amod Kambali has achieved a mean batting average of 54.50 runs with a standard deviation of 5.5 runs. This year Amod played 25 matches and achieved an average of 48.80 runs only. Amod is negotiating his contract with the club for the next year, and the salary he will be able to obtain is highly dependent upon his ability to convince the team's owner that his batting average this year was not significantly worse than in the previous years. The selection committee of the club is willing to use a 0.01 significance level. You are required to find out whether Amod's salary will be cut next year. Question 3 The salaries paid to the managers of a company had a mean of Rs. 20,000 with a standard deviation of Rs 3,000, What will be the mean and standard deviation if all the salaries are increased by 1) 10% 2) 10% of existing mean 3) Which policy would you recommend if the management does not want to have increased disparities of wages? Case Study Kushal Arora, a second year MBA student, is doing a study of companies going public for the first time. He is curious to see whether or not there is a significant relationship between the sizes of the offering (in crores of rupees) and the price per share after the issue. The data are given below: Size (in crore of rupees) 108 39 68.40 51 10.40 4.40
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Price (in rupees) 12 13 19 12 6.50 4 Question You are required to calculate the coefficient of correlation for the above data set and comment what conclusion Kushal should draw from the sample. Assignment - C 1.Which of the following is not correct about construction of bar charts? (a). All bars should rise from the same base line (b). Width of the bar should be proportional to the data represented (c). The bars should be arranged from the left to right (d). Length of the bars should be proportional to the data represented 2.Which of the following is not true about mean absolute deviation :- (a). Mean deviation is obtained by calculating the absolute deviations of each observation from mean (b). Mean deviation is a more comprehensive measure compared to range
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assignements - ADL-07-Quantitative Techniques in...

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