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Religion Lecture Notes - 1 11.03.10 Pre-Islamic Arabia...

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1 11.03.10 Pre-Islamic Arabia Arabia between Byzantine & the Persian Empire Jahiliyya = Age of Ignorance Rich oral tradition through poetry; surpasses your own needs for the need of your tribe Religion at the time animistic polytheism Religion didn’t determine the social order Primary revenue from people making Mecca to Kaba (Mecca sacred site) Mecca had social problems amoral things going on, but no religious code to live by This is the environment Muhammad was born in; loyalty to tribe Prophet’s Early Years Quraysh (tribe of Muhammad), Banu Hashim (clan) b/c Muhammad was an orphan, it gave him an understanding of the impoverished As a child he worked as a shepard, then in the market, then as an agent for trade with the caravans People he met were aware of biblical scripture Marries Khadija, she proposes to him, she was 40 and extremely wealthy, 1 st convert to Islam, strongest supporter 4 daughters & sons Fatima, Ummkulthum, Zaynab, Ruqayya (last 3 died before him); Abdullah & Qasim died in infancy Beginning of Revelation 15 yrs of spiritual preparation Mt.Hira (mtn. or cave where Muhammad would go to worship God) Night of Power (Night of Glory) - Muhammad visited by the angel Gabriel; it said to him Iqra (read) first verse revealed Aya(t) = verse(s); each chapter (sura) Waraqa - Khadija’s cousin and told Muhammad that he was a prophet, his life would be filled with persecution b/c his message would break social order; Muhammad reluctant messenger Islam before the Hijra 1 st converts: Khadija, Abu Bakr (best friend) & Ali (cousin) 612 - Islam becomes public, this broke up the tribe relations Why hostile to Islam? Monotheism threatened the revenue of Mecca Teaching had a moral message, wanted to end immorality at the time Best person wasn’t the riches person but how close you were to God 100 Muslims went to Abyssinia (Ethiopia) King Negus had high morals and was Christian, these people went to seek help in 615 CE Boycott Banu Hashim cut off from all sustenance; could buy or sell from the clan, physically removed on outskirts of Mecca (3yrs) 620 - Yr of Sadness, Abu Talib & Khadija dies Abu Talib was his protector, so now tribe decided they could assassinate Muhammed 11.05.10 621 - Night Journey (provided solace for Muhammad & provided rededication Went to Mecca in Jerusalem and up to heaven (7 heavens, levels getting closer to God) 621 - night of spiritual renewal Quran is a book of guidance, not necessarily a detailed account of history Al-Buraq - mule with wings, provides the transportation to Jerusalem (Al-Aqsa - dome of the rock) 1 st heaven - meet Adam 2 nd Jesus & John (Isa / Yahya) 3 rd heaven - Joseph the prodigal son (Yusuf) 4 th prophet Inak (Noah’s great grandfather) or Idris (assumed into heaven)
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Religion Lecture Notes - 1 11.03.10 Pre-Islamic Arabia...

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