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Lesson Two: ORIENTATION TO LIBRARY RESOURCES MEDLINE and the PubMed Interface This lesson revolves around using PubMed, the interface that allows you to search the National Library of Medicine’s bibliographic database, MEDLINE. You will use this resource to find current research on clinical issues. MEDLINE and the PubMed Interface ************************** What is it? MEDLINE is the database that the National Library of Medicine uses to organize the global collection of medical literature. Clinicians from all over the world use it in their research, and to stay up to date as they diagnose and treat patients. Basically, it is the most comprehensive database for medical and clinical research and literature. ************************** How can I access MEDLINE? When you are searching MEDLINE through the PubMed interface, you can actually access it two different ways. You can always go through the LSU “Indexes & Databases” tab on the LSU Libraries home page ( www.lib.lsu.edu ). If you look at the top of the screen where you can see the alphabetical listing of databases “By Title,” you will be able to select “P” and then choose PubMed from the list of all databases beginning with “P.” After you choose PubMed, you can click “Connect” to be taken to the PubMed website. However, since PubMed is a publicly accessible database, and does not offer any licensed, full text journals, you can also go directly to the PubMed website: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?db=pubmed . You can even just bookmark this site with your internet browser, if you think you’ll be using it a lot! Either of these methods will get you to PubMed—feel free to use whichever you are most comfortable with. ************************** Basic Searching Tips in PubMed: Putting together your search phrase : When you first enter PubMed, you will want to use the search box that is provided at the top of the screen. Make sure that the drop down box to the left of the search box says “PubMed.” You will not want to change this. Basically, this box works as a keyword search, and it will search the entire record of every article in the database to find the words that you type in. Inside the search box, type the combination of words that you are looking for. For instance, if you are interested in the merits of blueberries as a functional food, you might want to search [blueberries AND functional foods]. In PubMed, you can use AND, OR, and NOT to join words and phrases, just like in the LSU Libraries catalog (see Lesson 1 or the Library Tutorial “Using the Online
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Lesson2--Medline_PubMed - Lesson Two: ORIENTATION TO...

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