Lesson_One--Orientation - ORIENTATION TO L IBRARY USING THE...

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MATERIALS and USING THE LIBRARY TO ACCESS SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS FOR WRITING RESEARCH PAPERS. THIS WILL INCLUDE INSTRUCTION ON CONSTRUCTING CORRECT CITATIONS. Over the course of the next two weeks, you will become acquainted with using the library to access scientific journals and basic library resources and three excellent databases that will aid you as you start looking for more information related to topics that you may be researching. This first lesson revolves around the library catalog. The catalog is a resource that you will use to see what the library owns. You will probably use the catalog to find background information in books or older journal articles. For current research, you’ll want to use one of the databases that are subscribed to, but that will be in another lesson. For now, let’s go over using the library catalog. ************************** What is it? The catalog identifies materials in LSU Libraries such as: books, newspapers, journals, magazines, government publications, electronic indexes and databases, electronic books, electronic journals, videos, music scores, cassettes, CD-ROMS, maps and other cataloged items. Collections include materials from: Middleton (main library), Hill (Special Collections), Chemistry, Design Resource Center, and also the Cartographic Information Center (maps) and the Veterinary Medicine Library. It also includes items from some locations that are not part of the LSU Libraries, like the video library in Himes Hall. ************************** How can I access the catalog? A link can be found on LSU Libraries home page ( www.lib.lsu.edu ). Basic Searching is available directly from the home page, or you may click on "Advanced Search" for more options. The following directions refer to the "Advanced Search" screen. ************************** What is the best way to use the catalog?
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Lesson_One--Orientation - ORIENTATION TO L IBRARY USING THE...

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