Final Paper - Tengfei Lu Prof Weijie Song 20th Century...

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Tengfei Lu Prof. Weijie Song 20 th Century Modern Chinese Literature Translation 12/19/2010 Learn to live, adapt to live To live, is to get through the responsibility given by life, is to suffer the tribulation, fastidium, featureless from reality, furthermore, and is to expect the hope and enjoy the happiness. Different people lived with their own way, having their own lives. We have to learn and adapt it. Fugui, who is used to be treated like a young prince, ruined his life and his family's happiness. Finally waken up in the poverty. However, the dark shadow of doom follows him all the time. He experienced the death of six people which are the six closest people in his life. We can say, this is the fate sentimentally attached or it is a permanent punishment to him. He survived. After all these miseries, he knows how to suffer from the poverty, the truceless time, the chaos of revolution, and the pain of lost. He might be numbness, or we can say he just know how to live and simply alive. In Fugui's family, his father and mother loved him. Fugui is the core of the family. No matter how gambling sank him that deeply, he just couldn’t stop gambling. Then his mother moved out from the house to live in the thatched cottage. She thinks the penniless life never decrease her love of his son. At her point, to live with her son is enough. From this part, I can say even times changes, some parents they lived for
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their next generation, this is an obviously truth never changes. They chose to work harder to give their children better lives. They gave up some bad but "comfortable" life habit for giving their children good environments. They changed. Since they have children, they lived for the children. They fright for them.
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Final Paper - Tengfei Lu Prof Weijie Song 20th Century...

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