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Western Religion Guest Speaker - c days of rest →...

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Western Religion Guest Speaker 17:02 I. Israel as a Jewish State → Dr. Nahshon Perez A. Israel’s Declaration of Independence (1948) → members of peoples council as representatives of the Jewish community and Zionist movement 1. declaring the establishment of a Jewish state a. difference b/w ‘state’ or legal system and its society → product of individuals 2. What makes the state Jewish? a. symbols → includes flag (star of david) and national anthem b. holidays → national and religious Jewish holidays
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Unformatted text preview: c. days of rest → Saturday d. language → Hebrew e. immigration laws → enables jews to immigrate regardless of eco. background i. Law of Return → enables any jew/those related to jews to immigrate to Israel → no gradual process, automatic citizenship f. citizenship laws → identity related citizenship laws g. population → intended to be mostly jewish i. if seeking to establish a jewish state→ require sufficient number of Jews 17:02 17:02...
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Western Religion Guest Speaker - c days of rest →...

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