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model instance item 7 nodes node identity document order constraints concepts visualization properties of nodes more complex operations: XQuery operations XQuery data model Chap.4 DB design procedure conceptual DB design modeling process via an example graph model empty XML document XSDL−like hybrid (empty XML + XSDL−like) modeling languages graph model to XML logical schema: mapping rules given conceptual schema logical schema in empty XML document logical schema in XSDL−like logical schema in hybrid example logic DB design modeling languages
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Unformatted text preview: DTD XSDL physical schema examples physical schema in DTD physical schema in XSDL design issues schema or not data−processing vs document−processing data transport attributes vs elements physical DB design XML DB design document element attribute character data comment node node list attribute set constraints concepts visualization node document node element node attribute node text node NodeList NamedNodeMap operations DOM data model XML models DOM in browser DOM in server...
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