SCM - SCM 3301 Homework#1 Spring 2011 MULTIPLE CHOICE Q 1...

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SCM 3301 Homework #1 Spring 2011 1/10 MULTIPLE CHOICE Q 1 – 20, 3 POINTS EACH 1. Which one of the following is not a key characteristic of service operations? a. customer involvement in the service process b. simultaneous production and consumption of services c. perishable aspect of the service d. labor intensity e. none of the above 2. All of the following statements concerning project crashing are true except a. the project completion time can only be shortened by crashing activities currently on the critical path b. as activities are crashed, the critical path may actually change c. the crashing process begins by identifying which activity on the critical path has the largest crash cost d. typically, crashing costs increase as project time decreases e. crashing an activity may reduce the length of more than one path 3. The knowledge and courtesy of a service provider falls under which dimension of quality? a. reliability b. responsiveness c. assurance d. empathy e. value 4. When developing a operations and supply chain strategy, the most important consideration is that: a. it requires minimal capital investment b. it utilizes as much automation as possible c. it supports the overall business strategy of the company d. it maintains a balanced mix of labor and capital e. all of the above 5. Which of the following best defines Supply Chain Management? a. management of all inbound activities from supplier to manufacturer b. management of all outbound activities from manufacturer to customer c. management of internal operational activities within the firm d. management of activities involved in the procurement of raw materials, their transformation into finished products and the distribution of the final product e. none of the above
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Homework #1 Spring 2011 2/10 6. Activities on the critical path are critical because a. they represent the minimal project completion time b. any delay in critical activities will affect the project completion time c. they represent the most expensive activities in terms of resources d. a & b e. all of the above 7. When the activity times cannot be estimated deterministically for a particular project, which scheduling technique should be used? a. PERT b. CPM c. AOA Network Diagram d. a & b e. all of the above 8. Companies can choose to compete in a number of ways. Which of the following is not one of those ways? a. Cost b. Quality c. Flexibility d. Delivery e. none of the above 9. If a company moves a manufacturing facility to a foreign location, but it still retains ownership, this is known as: a. outsourcing b. offshoring c. direct spend d. indirect spend e. b & d 10. The highest potential savings from strategic sourcing is from categories in which quadrant of the portfolio matrix? a.
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SCM - SCM 3301 Homework#1 Spring 2011 MULTIPLE CHOICE Q 1...

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