As I was growing up I always loved to work with children

As I was growing up I always loved to work with children -...

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Yanlene Diaz-Torres Abnormal Psychology Paper draft 3/30/11 Reasons why I love Clinical child psychology As I was growing up I always loved to work with children. As the age of 13 I started working in a school as a volunteer helping those children that did not have family support, talking to them and giving then activities to do at home. During that time I realized how I loved working and interacting with children. Also after having my daughter a strong feeling of trying to do something to understand my child better born inside of me , as a result is the inclinication that I have toward Clinical child psychology This area I believe is a growing and vibrant field of perform and research within professional psychology. I also had the opportunity of working with children as teacher assistant in a School which was a reaffirmation of what I wanted to do. I experience how an inadequate guidance may conduct children or encourage them to act in a wrong way. For example I realized that video games have the potential influence on youth violence, w reason why it still remains an issue of concern for psychologists, policymakers and the general public. even though several prospective studies of video game violence effects have been conducted, none have engaged well validated measures of youth violence, not taking in consideration how video game violence effects in conjunction with other influences , may have a bad effect on youth violence such as problems in family environment, peer delinquency, and
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depressive symptoms. I also perceived that those children that seemed to have depressive symptoms were a strong predictor of serious aggression and violence across most outcome
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As I was growing up I always loved to work with children -...

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