CE 11 Homework 4 - C E 11 Homework 4: LEED, LCIA, LCA...

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CE 11 Homework 4: LEED, LCIA, LCA Stephen Hom 2/27/09 1. a) One such barrier is the lack of interest and/or knowledge of green building design as being cost effective. Individuals and companies may be scared by the higher upfront costs of environmentally-friendly technologies, unaware of life cycle savings. Green building design is still in its early stages. Individuals and companies may not be willing to invest the time and resources to research the financial, economic, social, and environmental benefits of green buildings. The demand is simply not there right now. Another barrier is the lack of expertise and resources supporting green building design. Whereas California may have such "green" companies that supply resources for green buildings, a place like West Virginia may not have such a "green" infrastructure in place. The difficulty in finding appropriate architects, construction firms, and materials for green building projects may cause delays and discourage future projects. b) The purpose of LEED is to provide a rating system for the sustainable building industry that would encourage "green building" design. LEED is completely voluntary and assigns varying levels of certification based on accumulation of credits, which contain minimum building standards. Sustainable Sites: Credit 6 – Stormwater Management Water Efficiency: Credit 3 – Water Use Reduction Materials and Resources: Credit 1: Building Reuse Indoor Environmental Quality: Credit 1: Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) monitoring.
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CE 11 Homework 4 - C E 11 Homework 4: LEED, LCIA, LCA...

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