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CE 11 Homework 5: Air Emissions    Stephen  Hom 3/6/2009 1. Acid Rain a. Acidic compounds are formed from the reaction of gaseous SO2 and NOx with water,  oxygen, and oxidants.  These compounds may be deposited on earth as "dry  deposition".  In this process, the acidic matter settle on or are absorbed by plants, land,  water, or other materials.    This is in contrast to "wet deposition," where the acidic  matter is deposited through rain, snow, and cloud water.  These are two categories of  methods in which acid rain reaches the earth.   b. In Texas, SO2 emissions have increased from 1980 to 1997. c. Total sulfate deposition fell up to a surprising 25 percent over a large area of the 
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Unformatted text preview: Eastern United States. The Northeast (Ohio, Pennsylvania) achieved the greatest reductions. d. ANC stands for Acid Neutralizing Capacity, a measure of the ability of the water and watershed soil to neutralize the acid deposition. The higher, the better. e. Eastern US national parks varied in the amount of improvement of visibility. Dolly Sods achieved a 10% improvement, Shenandoah (20%), Washington D.C. & Edmon B. Forsynthe (30%), and Acadia (40%). The average would seem to be ~25%. f. The estimated benefit associated with the decreased health problems caused by SO2 and NOx is $40 billion per year by 2010 (in 1994 dollars)....
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