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CE11 HW 2 - CE 11 HW 2 Eddie Lo 19483002 1 Pessimistic View...

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CE 11 HW 2 Eddie Lo 19483002 1. Pessimistic View, Example #1: Water quality is not improving (or improving slowly) with only a slowly decreasing number of the population being served clean water. Source: Meeting the MDC drinking water and sanitation target: the urban and rural challenge of the decade. Geneva, World Health Organization and UNICEFF, 2006. who.int/water_sanitation_health/jmpfinal.pdf. Clean sources of water for the world’s population may be considered an indication of how we maintain and interact with our environment. Dirty water supplies will cause diarrheal diseases, as we saw in Haiti, like chlorea, in developing countries with unclean water supplies. In the World Health Organization’s report, they indicate how between 1990 and 2004, there were efforts to improve sources of clean drinking water. While there were improved sources of water, not all the water was directed to households, leaving the water vulnerable to bacterial infections or contamination from the environment. The chart above illustrates that the population unserved has only gone down slightly within 14 years and that amount is projected to stay relatively the same in the next 10 years. The fact that much of the water in developing countries is unsafe to drink, despite awareness and proactive efforts, suggests that people are still contaminating the water, via mining operations, industrial waste, poor agriculture practices, etc. This is a pessimistic view of the environmental trend of waste dumping and contaminating water so much that it is undrinkable.
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Pessimistic Example #2: Ocean pH declining (thus trend of increasing ocean acidification) Source: Ocean Acidification, the Other Half of the CO 2 Problem. Turley et al., 2006. Cambridge University Press, 8. Marine ecosystems will be damaged by this increasing trend of ocean acidification, which is caused by amounts
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CE11 HW 2 - CE 11 HW 2 Eddie Lo 19483002 1 Pessimistic View...

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