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CE11 HW6 - CE11 HW 6 Eddie Lo 19483002 Question 1 A LEED...

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Unformatted text preview: CE11 HW 6 Eddie Lo 19483002 Question 1 A) LEED provides a rating system for the sustainable building development that would encourage "green building" design and is implemented by the US Green Building Council. LEED is a voluntary guideline that provides levels of certification based on a score out of a total of 69 credits. These credits are minimum building specifications. B/C) The six categories and an example credit include: 1) Sustainable Sites: Credit 7 – Heat Island Effect 2) Water Efficiency: Credit 3 – Water Use Reduction 3) Energy & Atmosphere: Credit 4 – Ozone Depletion 4) Materials and Resources: Credit 3 – Resource Reuse 5) Indoor Environmental Quality: Credit 2 – Ventilation Effectiveness 6) Innovation & Design Process: Credit 2 – LEED Accredited Professional D) One shortcoming of LEED is that it doesn’t account for the maintenance and construction effects on the environment. A building may great credits for implementing a process to meet LEED credit but actually emit environment....
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