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wk2operationalamplifier2 - results showing theoretical...

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Operational Amplifiers Amplifier Design 2 Name: ________________________________________ Date: __________________ PROJECT PURPOSE Design an amplifier circuit in compliance with the stated requirements. REQUIREMENT Design an amplifier circuit that provides the following voltage gain: SUBMITTAL Circuit schematic. Show calculations and component selection. Using Multisim, build circuit schematic, simulate circuit with input voltage at 5 sin (2 π 1000 t). Using the same Multisim scope display input waveform on Channel 1and output waveform on Channel 2. Assemble circuit on your proto board. Test bread board circuit as described under Tests. Provide
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Unformatted text preview: results showing theoretical values and measured values. Provide a summary indicating any problems encountered and a comparison of the theoretical, simulation and experimental results. TESTS V OUT for the following inputs (V IN ): + 5 V DC – 5 V DC Page 1 of 3 5 sin (2 π 1000 t) Note: display input and output waveforms showing phase relationship U1 OPAMP_3T_VIRTUAL R1 1k Ω R2 1k Ω XSC1 A B G T R3 2k Ω R4 5k Ω V1 4 V 1kHz 0Deg Page 3 of 3...
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wk2operationalamplifier2 - results showing theoretical...

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