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Corrigan Chapter 4 Questions to Apply to High Noon Here are some questions based on Corrigan’s Chapter 4 that you might find useful to respond to for your Response Paper on High Noon . You don’t need to try to answer all of them of course. 1) Corrigan claims (p. 39) that the horrors of WWII changed what had been a general belief in progress, order, and a movement to a better society and that film reflected that change. Do you see evidence of that in High Noon ? Does the film display a belief in progress and order, or the opposite, and how so in either case? 2) In his discussion of film noir (p. 42), Corrigan notes that it focuses on “socially isolated” characters. High Noon is not film noir, but I would argue that Kane, Amy and Helen, at the least, are “socially isolated” characters. How are these characters isolated from the larger community of Hadleyville? 3) Corrigan claims that film adaptations of this period often use literary sources that are “unpolished” (p. 43).
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