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HUMN-432—Group Paper Guidelines Paper Due Date : Thursday, October 14 (at Week 7 meeting) Start-Off Aspects + : First, groups should ideally consist of four or five students . Groups of three to start may lose a member, and thus end up not really being a group, while more than five can make group planning difficult. Second, once you have a group formed and a topic ( by Thursday, September 16 at the latest, and the sooner the better ), let me know, since each group must do a different topic, so once a topic is taken by one group, it’s off limits to others. Third, as the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Capstone Project, the papers should be substantial; the expectation is that the body of the paper (not including front matter such as the table of contents, or back matter such as the bibliography) will be 5 to 7 pages per group member . Thus, a four-person group would be aiming for 20 to 28 pages, a five-person group, 25 to 35 pages. This means that topics must be broad enough to support that length. Fourth, a minimum number of citations to source material need to be included in the body of the paper, also based on group size. That number is five citations per group member (on
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432GroupPaperGuidelines - HUMN-432Group Paper Guidelines...

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