Analysis paper #2

Analysis paper #2 - Jason Nance The global threat involving...

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Jason Nance The global threat involving the lack of internet security and the crimes being committed as a result of this lack of security is a growing phenomenon in the U.S as well as in other countries. With this increasing concern from all countries of how to proceed dealing with individuals who commit internet crimes on a global level the debate needs to discussed in a public forum. The problem seems to be that the various cultures of people from around the world clash with each other’s beliefs and current ways of life. One of many questions needing answered is how to deal with criminals once captured. Another would be who would pay for such a worldwide force that would capture these criminals, especially in countries financially incapable of funding such an operation. The answer to these problems is anything but easy. To be able to control an internationally growing trend of internet hackers would be nothing short of a miracle if not truly impossible. For legislation to work a consensus among countries in how to deal with these criminals once captured would be required. This process would be extensive and would have to include opinions from all the countries involved in a group effort for it to be effective. For this
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Analysis paper #2 - Jason Nance The global threat involving...

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