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ResearchPaperoutline - E-commerce Regulations 1...

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E-commerce Regulations 1. Introductory -How online transactions are growing and regulation may be necessary -The focus of this section of the paper is concerning regulation on Ecommerce and will be divided into two sections one for fraud regulations and enforcement of such regulation 2. Frauds -Most common frauds -Online dispute regulation -How to regulate/certify online businesses -Threat regulation could have on the online market 3. Taxes -Why online transactions are not taxed now -How to tax and keep track of online transactions in a global market. -How taxes could affect the online market 4. Conclusion -Future of regulation -Problems with too much regulation -Problems with not enough regulation
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Enforcement, Recognition, and Compliance with OADR Outcome(s). With international e-commerce growing constantly, stability of expectation in both the resolution and enforcement of electronic disputes is critical. Clearly, there is no point in discussing applicable remedies to internet disputes without promoting at the same time appropriate enforcement mechanisms. From this perspective, online alternative dispute resolution (OADR) could be viewed as an exercise in futility if there is no efficient mechanism in place to enforce the outcome(s). Indeed, access to justice is only meaningful where the outcome(s) of the OADR proceedings can be enforced. Enforcement of OADR outcome(s) poses no problem when it is in the interest of both parties to fulfil their agreement. It may be suggested therefore that OADR requires no enforcement mechanisms because its enforcement comes from the willingness of the parties to abide by it.
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ResearchPaperoutline - E-commerce Regulations 1...

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