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VENUES OF E-COMMERCE E-commerce cannot be described as simply as saying it is business conducted over the internet. There is a vast amount of growing applications for businesses and consumers who not only wish to engage in retailing, but other aspects of daily business such as banking and trading. The expansion of this topic can also be attributed to the increased accessibility and mobility on both the business and consumer end of transactions. In this section the discussion will focus on the various platforms from which e-commerce is currently stationed and expanding its’ reach. ONLINE SALES While some of us may shy away from the use of the internet when buying and selling things, it is becoming increasingly popular both from a business and consumer standpoint. The invention of the World Wide Web and applications that followed the use of websites for business was inevitable. Two of the major forums I will touch on are EBay and Craigslist. The e-marketplace is not just a resource for consumers seeking products, but also a place for businesses to connect and collaborate. B2B and B2C? So, in researching this topic I learned that there is a lot specific lingo that first must be deciphered before the real research could begin. The first form of e-commerce that would be considered the most prevalent is referred to as B2C this stands for business to customer and describes the relationship. Business to consumer e-commerce entails everything from purchasing items from an online clothing store to personal banking online and online bill pay. Taking this into consideration I think that it would be hard to find someone that has access to the internet that has not engaged in some form of e-commerce. A study conducted in the United Kingdom in
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2001 showed that 94% of businesses were connected to the internet in some way or another. (CITATION) The rapid rise of the e-marketplace can be attributed to the benefits it provides for the business and the consumer. For the business: Increased sales Decreased costs More efficient order processing Ability to integrate with vendors such as shipping companies Increased exposure and market reach Efficiency in in sales Equal access to small business and large corporations For consumers the development of e-commerce has created some unique benefits for them in the
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VENUESResearchPaper (2) - VENUES OF E-COMMERCE E-commerce...

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