American Music Quiz#7

American Music Quiz#7 - AmericanMusicQuiz#7

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American Music Quiz #7 Your response has been submitted successfully.   Points Awarded  95 Points Missed  5 Percentage  95% 1. The experimentalist "Yankee" composer who shared many ideas with the Transcendentalist philosophers was A. Aaron Copland B. Arnold Schoenberg C. Charles Ives D. Bela Bartok Points Earned: 5/5 Correct Answer: C Your Response: C 2. Ives wrote about ____ songs. A. 300 B. 250 C. 150 D. 100 Points Earned: 5/5 Correct Answer: C
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Your Response: C 3. The music of Charles Ives embraced polytonality, polyrhythms, unusual tunings and what would later be  called "chance music". Answer  Points Earned: 5/5 Correct Answer: True Your Response: True 4. Charles Ives is remembered in the insurance industry not as a composer but as the A. father of estate planning B. father of annuities C. father of us all D. father of "whole life" insurance
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American Music Quiz#7 - AmericanMusicQuiz#7

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