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Chapter 8 quiz Submitted by hkang4 on 5/31/2008 11:17:18 PM  Points Awarded  16 Points Missed  4 Percentage  80% 1. Which of the following is true of the first Congress A. It quickly approved a tariff, thereby providing revenue to the new government. B. It decided that the sale of public land was the best means by which to raise revenue for the  government. C. A majority of its new members advocated state sovereignty rather than a strong national  government. D. None of the members of the Constitutional Coventional were included in its membership. Points Earned: 2/2 Correct Answer: A Your Response: A 2. The Second Amendment says that the people shall have the right "to keep and bare arms"  because of the A. Right of the people to obtain food by hunting. B. Need for protection against criminals. C. Right to fight tyranny. D. Need for well-regulated militia. Points Earned: 2/2 Correct Answer: D Your Response: D 3. Which of the following was true of the Supreme Court its first decade? A. The Court handed down no decisions B. The Court was the most influential branch of government C. The justices were bitterly divided over how to interpret the Consititution
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2week4quiz - Submittedbyhkang4on5/31/200811:17:18PM...

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