Application Research on Time optimal Synthesis Function for

Application Research on Time optimal Synthesis Function for...

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Application Research on Time optimal Synthesis Function for Missile Electromechanical Actuator Control System Yang Yao, Wang Mingang, Li Qiang, Zhao Gang The School of Astronautics Northwestern Polytechnical University Xi’an 710072 PR Shaan Xi China Abstract —The closed-loop system using time optimal synthesis function has characteristics of fast convergence and no buffeting. This paper brings forward a new electromechanical actuator control system which uses time optimal synthesis function to complete the design of control law and nonlinear state tracking feedback. The simulation results and experiments on motor servo loading system show that the controller has good dynamic performance, little steady-state error, and strong robust for uncertainty of parameters and changes in external load. Keywords- the time optimal Synthesis Function; Control Law; Nonlinear State tracking feedback;digital electromechanical actuator; robust I. INTRODUCTION Missile actuator system is executing agency of the missile guidance and control system. Its performance determines the dynamic quality of the missile flight control system. Electromechanical actuator has aroused widespread attention and in-depth study because of its advantage on simplicity and reliability, being easy to maintenance and use. Now most of the electromechanical actuator system [1] is consist of a rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor and high fuel ratio reducers, such as small size series of ball screw-rotary cylinder gear drive, harmonic drive, planetary gear drive with small tooth number difference, ball screw and so on. Such compositions gradually become the mainstream of the electromechanical actuator. It has advantages of high-speed, high torque, high power, miniaturization and high-performance, so it is particularly suited to the aeronautical and astronautical aerocraft which has special requirement of performance, size and quality. The United States and other western country strengthened the study on dynamics of actuator system and made remarkable achievements. The system has been used in many high performance missiles, such as American AIM120, WASP anti-tank missile and Tomahawk cruise missile, air to air missile R77 in Russia and so on. Due to technology complex, design standards, cost and other factors, the actuator system has serious nonlinear effects and parameters uncertainty, the dynamic requirements of the system have been heighten continually at the same time, so the control and parameter adjustment using general control method is becoming more and more difficult. Although more and more new methods and theories have been applied to this field and a lot of achievements have been obtained, all of them need precise system model more or less. This paper adopts a novel controller design which needs no system model and has a good control effect by using the time optimal synthesis function.
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Application Research on Time optimal Synthesis Function for...

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