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Answers to Pause/Break Section Review Questions 4.1 Section Review Questions 1. Describe the major components and structure of the consumer online purchasing behavior model. The EC consumer behavior model is based in the following characteristics: personal characteristics, environmental characteristics, stimuli, the systems used by the vendor and the buyer's decisions. 2. List some major personal characteristics that influence consumer behavior. There are a number of personal characteristics that affect buying behavior. Some of these characteristics include age, gender, ethnicity, education, lifestyle, psychology, knowledge, values and personality. 3. List the major environmental variables of the purchasing environment. The variables of the purchasing environment include social variables, cultural/community variables and other variables. 4. List and describe the major vendor-controlled variables. Pricing – the price of a good or service Advertising/promotions/branding - the marketing surrounding a good or service Physical environment – the store or sales environment of a good or service Logistics/technical support – support for a good or service Customer service - support for the purchaser of a good or service 5. Define the process model of consumer behavior online. This is a model that describes the steps of customer’s purchase process. 4.2 Section Review Question 1. List the roles people play in purchasing. Consumers can play one or several of the following roles in the consumer decision- making process: initiator, influencer, decider, buyer and user. 2. List the five stages in the generic purchasing-decision model. The five stages in the generic purchasing-decision model are: need identification; information search; evaluation of alternatives; purchase and delivery; and after- purchase evaluation.
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3. Describe the Web-based purchasing-decision model. This model is used to show that each of the five stages in the generic purchasing- decision model can be supported through the Internet. It is called the Consumer Decision Support System (CDSS). 4. Describe the architecture of the online buyer decision support model. This model is divided into three parts. The first part examines the three stages of buyer behavior: identify and mange buying criteria; search for products and merchants; and compare alternatives. The second part examines price, shipping, and finance; while the third part examines personalization, preferences and customer help. 4.3 Section Review Questions 1. Define mass marketing. Mass marketing directs advertisements to a large, undifferentiated group of potential customers. 2. Define market segmentation. Market segmentation is the dividing of potential customers by type. The goal is to create a subgroup that is more likely to be interested in the product than the whole. 3.
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chapter_04answers - Answers to Pause/Break Section Review...

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