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Steven Mayhugh Dr. Swiridoff English C102 5 May 2011 To Be Free The idea of freedom does not simply begin with laws or government; it begins with the individual. But what is freedom? Freedom is the option for someone to make one’s own decisions. The extent of this freedom is governed by laws and morals. The individual is allowed certain freedoms. Four of these freedoms are of thought, of economic opportunity, of choice, and of recreation. There are a number of works of literature that explain what would happen to society if any of these freedoms were either removed or given free reign without consequence. Of these works there are Sophocles’ poem Antigone , John Mill’s essay On Liberty , Aldous Huxley's Brave New World , George Orwell's 1984 , and V for Vendetta .These four freedoms are essential to the happiness of the individual and the success of the government. The freedom of thought is critical to one’s feelings of freedom within the realm of a governed existence. Without it, one can easily feel trapped or imprisoned into one’s society. Thought comes in two forms: generating the thought and expressing the thought. Some governments feel that the freedom of thought can destroy them. Therefore, these governments try to control the thoughts of its citizens. In George Orwell’s 1984 , Big Brother, the name of the leader of the government, controls the thoughts of his citizens through the employment of doublethink and fear. Because of this, some citizens start to go against their leader in private locations. The main character, Winston, soon begins to outright hate his leader and tries desperately to find other people that feels the same as he does, all in an attempt to create a revolution that will overthrow his government and show everyone the truth. He is eventually found out and is subsequently tortured until he loses the ability to think against his leader. In contrast, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World depicts a society in which everyone is meant to think whatever one wants and to speak one’s minds whenever one wants. The citizens in this society are conditioned to think and behave in a specific manner. By the time that they are in embryo, they are physically, chemically, and emotionally conditioned to behave like children, taking any amenity they desire whenever they desire. Unlike 1984 , where there is consequence for thinking, in Brave New World , one is punished for not thinking. As punishment for not indulging in child-like behavior and not speaking one’s mind, one is subject to banishment from society in order to maintain peace throughout the country. In V for Vendetta , The government controls the thoughts of its citizens through the use of media. Anything that the leader deems inappropriate is immediately blacklisted and removed from the eyes and ears of the citizens. A few individuals keep some of these blacklisted items in secret places as a way to defy his orders.
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final swiro - 1 Steven Mayhugh Dr Swiridoff English C102 5...

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