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part11 - Assignments x'7‘'0 h g I Lin—Ii'3 3 fl...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignments x '7‘]: '0 h g I ' Lin—Ii] (- '3 3 fl i9sessionmasteringphysicscomfmyctjassignments ‘ .:_ __ {kl ,‘fl Chapters 1 5. 2 Homework What Velocity vs. "lime Graphs Can Tell You A common graphical representation of motion along a straight line is the v vs. tgraph, that is, the graph of (Instantaneous) velocity as a function of time. In this graph, time t is plotted on the horizontal anus and velocrty u on the vertical axrs. Note that by definition, velocrty and acceleration are vector quantities. ln straight-line motion, however, these vectors have only a single nonzero component in Ennt] direction of motion. Thus, in this problem, we will call u the velocity and a the acceleration, even though they are really the components of the velocity and acceleration vectors in the direction of motion_ respectively. Here is a plot of velocity versus time fora particle that travels along a straight line with a varying veloCity. Refer to this plot to answer the following questions. vx( n'ia‘s) Part A What is the initial veloCity of the particle, on? Hint A1 Initial velocity Him not displayed Howto read a vvs. tgraph ...
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