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Unformatted text preview: min; I —T—__"— _' ——'T— -——-——— — n 23 (- 9 c fl l9sessionmasteringphysicscomfmyctjassignments _ : _. 12?] *1 Chapters 1 5. 2 Homework Exercise 2.30 At t = D a car is stopped at a traffic light. When the light turns green, the car starts to speed up, and gains speed at a constant rate until it reaches a speed of 20 mfg 8 seconds after the light turns green, The car continues at a constant speed for 6!) m, Then the driver sees a red light up ahead at the next intersection, and starts slowing down at a constant rate, The car stops at the red light, 18!) m from where it was at t: n. Part A Draw accurate .1: — t graph for the motion of the car, ANSWER: Part E Draw accurate u. — t graph for the motion of the car. ANSWER: ...
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