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SOUTHWESTERN ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF NURSING NURS318: CHILD HEALTH NURSING CRITICAL THINKING WORKSHEET Student name:_______________________________________ Date of care:______________ Client initials:__________ Medical diagnosis:______________________________________ 1. What are your major concerns for this client today? 2. What nursing interventions do you plan to use to address these concerns? 3. What assessment information do you plan to gather to assist in recognition of frequently encountered complications of the client’s illness or treatment? 4. What emergency needs might your client experience while in your care?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What clinical data do you plan to observe for to alert you to the emergency needs? 6. What urgent responses are crucial if the client experiences these emergency needs? 7. When reporting about your client to the primary nurse (or physician) what data do you plan to share? 8. What instructions do you anticipate receiving from the primary nurse or physician based upon your report? 9. What is the rationale for the instructions you anticipate receiving? 10. What are 3 NANDA nursing diagnoses for your client? Prioritize the diagnoses in order of importance. State rationale for your prioritization....
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