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ED.worksheet.5-11 - 2 What common pediatric emergencies are...

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SOUTHWESTER ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF NURSING NURS 318 CHILD HEALTH NURSING EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT OBSERVATION Objectives: 1. Observe the ED nurse providing nursing interventions supportive of the child and family. 2. Identify common pediatric emergencies and appropriate ED management. 3. Discuss priority assessment when a child is admitted to the ED with an injury or serious illness. 4. Discuss medications and therapies frequently used in the ED. 5. Identify nursing measures aimed at alleviating the child and family stressors associated with an ED visit. 6. Describe education the nurse provides to clients in the ED. 7. Describe follow up needed by the client upon discharge from the ED. 8. Describe the process of hospital admission of the child from the ED. ED WORKSHEET *Note: Starred items to be completed prior to ED observation. Complete the remainder of the worksheet and submit as scheduled. 1. What are the responsibilities of the Emergency Department nurse?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What common pediatric emergencies are seen in the Emergency Department? 3. What priority assessments are done when a child with injury or serious illness is brought to the ED? 4. What are the common pediatric emergency medications and rationale for their use? 5. What are the common treatments or therapies used in the ED? 6. What are the strategies that the nurse uses when dealing with the family which is emotionally stressed related to an ED visit with their child? 7. What child and/or family education and guidelines for follow up does the ED nurse provide? 8. What is the process of hospital admission of the child from the ED? 9. List a specific nursing problem (physiologic, developmental, psychosocial, spiritual) related to a ED patient. a. Write a nursing diagnosis for this problem. b. List three nursing interventions for this nursing diagnosis....
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