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A sample project proposal

A sample project proposal - We will look at all major stock...

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A sample project proposal When explaining the causes of booms and recessions, the textbook never mentions a word about the stock market. However, the media seems to suggest that the stock market has a great deal to do with the economy. Our group proposes that the relationship between the stock market and the economy should be studied. In this project, we investigate the role of the stock market in business cycles. Proposal type: term paper. Specifically, we will study the following issues: Describe the major fluctuations of the stock market during recent years.
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Unformatted text preview: We will look at all major stock indices (including Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P500). • Are those fluctuations correlated with booms and recessions? • What determines the value of a stock? Why do stock prices change? • What caused the recent changes in stock prices? • When stock prices fall, does it mean there is a recession? • Do stock prices cause recessions? Why or why not. The paper shall be about 25 pages long (singled spaced)....
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