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1 LECTURE NOTE TAKING NOTE TAKING. Why take notes in class? 1. Organized notes will help you identify the core of important ideas in the lecture. 2. A permanent record will help you to learn and remember later. 3. The lecture may contain information not available anywhere else. This will be your only chance to learn it. 4. Lecture is where you learn what your instructor thinks is important, and he makes up the exams. 5. Class assignments are usually given in the lecture. 6. The underlying organization and purpose of the lecture will become clear through note taking. TAKING NOTES IN CLASS: A BRIEF SUMMARY 1. BEFORE THE LECTURE BEGINS: Make some preparation for the lecture so that you will be more likely to predict the organization of the lecture. CHECK THE COURSE OUTLINE to see if the lecturer has listed the topic or key ideas in the upcoming lecture. If so, convert this information into questions to be answered in the lecture. BEFORE THE LECTURE, complete outside reading or reference assignments. REVIEW THE TEXT ASSIGNMENT and any reading notes taken. REVIEW NOTES from the previous lecture. Sit as near to the front of the room as possible to eliminate distractions. Copy everything on the blackboard and transparencies, especially the outline. Have a proper attitude. Listening well is a matter of paying close attention. Be prepared to be open-minded to what the lecturer may say even though you may disagree with it. 2.
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note-taking - LECTURE NOTE TAKING NOTE TAKING. Why take...

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