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Computer 136 – Wasem Spring 2009 Quiz Question Review TRUE/FALSE Nonprinting characters are symbols that can appear on the screen but are not visible on the printed page. A paragraph symbol marks the beginning of a new paragraph. As you type a document in Word, you must press the Enter key at the end of each line to activate the word wrap feature. AutoCorrect automatically corrects common typing errors. Pressing the Backspace key deletes characters to the left of the insertion point. A wavy green line beneath a word indicates a spelling error. The AutoCorrect feature cannot be turned off. Changing the zoom level does not affect the document itself, only the way it is viewed. The spelling checker is turned off by default. In the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, you can choose to omit the return address. You can save time using the Spelling and Grammar checker since you do not need to proofread your document. One of the most useful features of a word-processing program is the ability to move text. Positioning the pointer over text you have selected to move, the pointer changes from a left-facing arrow to a right- facing arrow. When you paste an item from the Clipboard into a document, the item remains on the Clipboard so you can paste it again somewhere else if you want. When the Clipboard task pane is not displayed, the Clipboard can hold only one item at a time. The Paragraph group on the Home tab includes a button for each of the four major types of alignment. To align a single paragraph, click anywhere in that paragraph and then click the appropriate alignment button. When you double-click the Format Painter button, it stays selected until you click it again. When using a Numbered list, if you delete a line item, you need to renumber the items. A Quick Style allows you to apply an entire set of formatting choices with one click. You can insert a manual page break by holding down the Shift key and pressing the Enter key. Different parts of a table can be formatted in various ways. You can convert existing text in Microsoft Word 2007 into a table You can sort a series of paragraphs in a Word document. If a row is formatted in italics, Word will recognize the row as a header and exclude it from the sorting process. Microsoft Word allows you to sort by a second column in a table. When sorting a column in a table, the cells in a row move together as one entity. You can only delete one row or column from a table at one time. Word has built-in table styles that you can use to add shading, color, or borders. You can edit a WordArt object with exactly the same process as you would regular text. You can drag a floating graphic to any location in a document.
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136Quiz Review - Computer136Wasem QuizQuestionReview...

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