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Response Paper 4.7

Response Paper 4.7 - Hannah Lee April 7 2011 IR 499 North...

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Hannah Lee April 7, 2011 IR 499 North Korea: Response Paper Over the past decades, North Korea has constantly demanded that is has the rights to nuclear weapons. On the other hand, countries such as the United States have constantly tried to prevent North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons. One might ask whether North Korea has the right to these weapons or does not. In The North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Understanding The Failure of the ‘Crime and Punishment’ Strategy , Sigal describes North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons is not for aggressive use, but instead as a sort of defense. Going further, he describes North Korea’s development as a way to gain things they need—security, etcetera. This point is again addressed in Cha and Kang’s writing Think Again . Here, Cha and Kang, pose challenges to some of the normal thoughts about North Korea’s aggressiveness. Instead, the writing states that while North Korea does pose potential for nuclear weapons it holds the
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