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Week 3 Response Paper Hee Eun Lee 01/27/10 When you look at Korean culture today, you can see two very different views on how Koreans see other cultures. One group takes disgust at the fact that their own people are becoming assimilated into different cultures. They scold their youth for the western clothes they wear, and the English they speak. However, another group of people take full interest in learning about other cultures. They strive to learn the language and the ways of the people. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know about another culture, but it will become problematic if the Korean culture becomes so diluted that their language is spoken less and less and their culture no longer celebrated. From the readings, it becomes apparent that Koreans tries to mirror other cultures. At first it was the Chinese, and then the Japanese, and now the Americans. They hope to be able to mirror the success of other countries. When living in Korean, Hong Eul Soo was taught by the Japanese, and he came to the conclusion that the only way to improve
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