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Week 7 Response Paper Hannah Lee 02/22/11 There is always a negative connotation to the word corruption. Abuse of power for personal gain is not only frowned upon, but also punishable by law. In South Korea, the word corruption is used too often and almost always in a negative light. Surprisingly enough, corruption can be viewed in a positive light. It is an unusual thought, but if corruption doesn’t spiral out of control, it can be beneficial as seen in the case of Korea and its economic growth. Park Chung Hee’s rule marks the beginning of Korea’s high economic growth. He succeeded in bringing economic growth to Korea by his export-oriented strategy. Park Chung Hee also utilized businesses to bring about the growth. During his rule, business and politics were very closely intertwined. He realized that economic success would not result only by being state-led; he also needed to have businesses on board. With the above strategy, Park Chung Hee undoubtedly brought prosperity to Korea. However,
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