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Week 8 Response Paper Hannah Lee 02/28/11 “ Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan.” Businesses often attribute their success to their guiding principles of management. Japanese businesses associate their success to “wa,” Chinese businesses to “guanxi,” and Korean businesses to “inhwa.” When conflicts arise in these businesses, their guiding principles are never at fault. However, these corporations will endure long-term success when they come to realize that they must go beyond their managerial principles and take a close look at their failures. First of all, the process loss of the Japanese consensus agreement cannot be avoided. Although it is true a team can accomplish more than an individual, teams are inefficient. A lot of time gets wasted in trying to reach a consensus. Therefore, wa might not be the best route to take in time-sensitive situations. Also, working in teams might have a negative affects in innovation. Creativity and independent thinking becomes lost
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