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Week 11 Response Paper Hannah Lee 03/28/2011 In a popular animated film, Kung Fu Panda , Po the panda fought against the evil Tai Lung. Tai Lung did not always belong on the dark side. He was an adoptive son of Po’s Master Shifu. Tai Lung learned kung fu from his adoptive father, but as he grew stronger so did his pride. When Master Shifu refused to give Tai Lung the title of Dragon Warrior, Tai Lung quickly turned his back on Shifu and betrayed him. Tai Lung attempted to take the Dragon Scroll by force and in the process crippled Shifu who had given Tai Lung so much love and a chance of life. Although it is easy to point fingers at Tai Lung and call him ungrateful, it must be recognized that Tai Lung also felt betrayed by Shifu. Just as Tai Lung, even in real life people turn their backs on those who have cared so much about them. Betrayal is not an uncommon theme. Some Americans feel a great sense of betrayal from South Korea’s anti-American sentiments. South Korea can be seen as the adoptive son who grew and benefited from the paternal relationship, but
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