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Week 13 Response Paper Hannah Lee 04/12/2011 Irrational is a very popular word to describe North Korea. A high percentage of people describe North Korean leadership as being crazy and irrational. However, it is hard to decide what is real and what is not in North Korea. North Korea's nuclear weapon program is actually very rational. North Korea sees their nuclear program as a way to negotiate with the United States. They recognize that they need the United States for their survival. For North Korea, regime survival is at the top of their priority. North Korea recognizes that their survival depends on the United States, their super power enemy. They also recognize that the United States can give what North Korea wants—security, recognition, and normalization. North Korea believes that the United States can guarantee security and holds the key to international community. In order to ensure long-term viability, North Korea sees nuclear weapons as the only way to ensure their security against the United States. The more the United States pressures North Korea
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