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week 14 response paper - Week 13 Response Paper Hannah Lee...

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Week 13 Response Paper Hannah Lee 04/19/11 In ’93 North Korea illustrated their first signs of an aggressive nuclear program by withdrawing, and then suspending their withdrawal from the NPT. In reaction to this sign of deviance, in ’94 the Clinton administration proposed the “Agreed Framework” in which North Korea agreed to freeze its plutonium production program in exchange for the construction of two modern light-water nuclear power plants. Though the timeline for this agreement to be completed was in ’03, North Korea stalled giving IAEA inspectors a declaration of the amount of plutonium they possessed until ‘02. Additionally, North Korea also launched a missile over Japan causing the international community to be skeptical about the completion of the agreement. In ensuing talks, the U.S pressured the North Korean government about a secret uranium enrichment program. Tensions about these talks rose in further during talks between North and South Korea, in which Kim Jong-Il was shifting positions about North Korea’s “right” to weapons development. North Korea then claimed the U.S twisted their intentions and refused to allow its nuclear facilities to be open for inspection. In ’03, North Korea withdraws from the NPT. The UN does not condemn this action. In response, the U.S sends stealth fighters and
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week 14 response paper - Week 13 Response Paper Hannah Lee...

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