Advantages of Joining the USAF

Advantages of Joining the USAF - 1 Body Paragraphs Caryn...

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1 Body Paragraphs Caryn Doyle COM 150 February 27 th , 2011 John Johnson
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2 Body Paragraphs The United States Air Force (USAF), and the United States military as whole, is a highly demanding and highly stressful career field. The demands and stress added with frequent absences can prove difficult for families. Not only is the Air Force physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding but the Air Force is also a career field that requires a lot of time from airmen. Airmen are held to a higher standard, expected to be the best physically, mentally, and professionally. They are expected to be able to pick up and leave with a day’s notice, to follow even the most unreasonable orders, and ultimately to give their very life if need be. However, it’s not all cons. The military also presents excellent benefits to its’ members, extensive health insurance at no cost and exceptional educational benefits. The USAF is also a first-rate opportunity for troubled or less fortunate individuals to change their lives. All these compound to create an employment like no other. The demands and stress combined with the increasingly frequent and extended deployments create a difficult environment for families to adjust to. Deployment times range anywhere from four months to a year and time at home is growing shorter and shorter. Families of returning airmen may find it hard to cope with the incidents their loved one had experienced
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Advantages of Joining the USAF - 1 Body Paragraphs Caryn...

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