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1. Naturalistic A Used a physical explanation for events 2. Biological D Focused on internal state and physiology 3. Mathematical B Believed we use our senses to train reason 4. Eclectic C Believed the truth is entirely subjective 5. Humanistic E Believed mankind is above all other creations Thales of Miletus B Matter is made of water Heraclitus of Ephesia E The “Philosopher of Becoming” mater made of fire Anaximander C Matter is made of boundless space Democritus of Abdera A Matter is made of atoms Parmenides of Elea D The “Philosopher of Being” rejected change Alchmaeon of Croton I First to use animal dissection Hippocrates the Physician F First physician to say thought/feeling comes from the brain Pythagoras of Samos J Started a religion based on numbers Protagoras K Believed a Nous/world mind created the world Anaxagoras H Rely on senses, don't search for transcend, principles Gorgias G Believed there is no truth, abandoned philosophy The four levels of Plato's Divided Line from least true to most true: Images, Things, Math, Forms Plato trusted the soul and mistrusted the body . Aristotle used syllogisms which is a form of deductive reasoning. In 410 AD when Rome fell to barbarians,the Ancient World ended and Middle Ages began. Which is NOT one of the four types of causation according to Aristotle. Formal, Material, Efficient, Natural Socrates said “The wise man admits he knows nothing.” Aristotle's book De Anima defined \psychology until the Renaissance. Socrates developed a concept of the soul to counter the Sophist's relativism of the truth. Name and describe the three levels of Aristotle's Hierarchy of Souls. How did the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle differ? Aristotle was less interested in math. Aristotle also differed on his belief of soul and body. He thought both soul and body died. Whereas Plato believed the soul was immortal.
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What were some of Plato's accomplishments before the age of 40? Describe Aristotle's Virtue as the Golden Mean. Who should rule cities and why according to Plato?
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History Systems Study Guide - 1 2 3 4 5 Naturalistic...

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