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'qdEr8 a.u q.E. rol uouunb. m qu/d 'suoursoda.unoJ or Paurqs.x = fJo qdei.w saoqs .m8rJ Burlu€duorrE eql J a-.(€+x) =,{ P z+z(z rl=n q -.R.qt ut sq&i3 er{r 01 (p) (B) suBd ur p.Nn suouenb, 5qr qrl€I,! .rl sqft€ rcu .q1loJ suoD?ntD arD ^ suoucod M.u oat q P.U"ls .x = JJo q'je$ 5til saoqs unSrJ 3ur,{mduo. .e .ql Tqdel8 ,s5o .qr rol suorrDnbe qrr\^ Tuorlcod alu oar or p4Jrqs ir = l.Jo q.ler3.qr saoqs 5mFrJ Fur,{u€duo.
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