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Unformatted text preview: 1.5 Combininq Fuichons; shiftins and Scating Graphs 47 Le.is l9 :it tellho$ many mits dd h what djrections the Sraphs r: :r. gn!-n cqutions are to be shifted. Cive an equation for the i:ri.l lFph Then skerch the origi$l &d slrifted g.aphs togethet ix..lng.ach gmph Nith ils equation. lt- .: 1r = 49 Dovn l. left 2 :ar:-rr=25 Up3,1cft4 :t- : : rj Left l, down I :: ' = r: r Right l. do*n I rr., =v! Left0.sl :{': \4 Right 3 Lr- r:21 7 Up7 a r = i(r + l)+ s Down5, right I :'- r : l/r Up l,rieht I :& ,.: r/r': Left2, dom I Gnph rhc tunclions in Ex*clses29 :18. 50. The accompanying figure shows the gralh ofa tunction a(t) with domain I a,0laid nnse t-3,01. Find the domajos and ranses olthe foUowing functions, md sketch $cn graphs. D.-c(/) d. 1 - g(t) t s(r 2) h. c(/ 4) :s..:\4+a-rl. f= r 2-r:..=r+r/iJ-rs.r:(r+l)r| ,rc. ,: Vt r- r .ll. ! = !- r:.r=l+z 15. r= l- r?.-'=++r ro. 1= \5-l 32.-r= I r -1 3a....
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