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Ex 1-6-2 - 1.6 T (1 41 E\3ruarc'n'r'e o s(r,t i r r I 2 0.s...

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20. siilr + 1l l 22. coslr r; I I ".:*(,) 32.dr(!+;J: snr 3a.sinlr ;)= cosr 1.6 TrigonometdcFunctjois '...(1_,; 41. E\3ruarc\'n ;."'r"(; + i.) . ll7 /" rr\ 11. L\drrLercs L' s!n\t + I / a5. Evaluat.cos ;. a6. EvahBre sinli. Using the Doubte-Angle Formutas Find tle function\ducs in Exercises lT 50 'e. os(r ; ) r. q^{, ;J= sii' 33.sjnlx+ll:cosi , -.(,t,, Gruph the iuNtions in E\ercises 2:l 26 in $e lJ pllnc (r-aiis horizon_ tal,r-a\is verrical). whal is th. pcriod of erch fundn'n? NhaI svm_ metries do the gruphs have? 23, J - cot2r r. ,: *.l';, E 27. a. Craph .r,= cost dnd r'= scc] toSether lbr -3'l2=r < :?/2. Comncnt on thebchavio of sec r in relation to tlrc \igns and ulucsol cosI b. ftath, : sinxandt: csc Y losether for n':\<1n. (bfrmenl on drcbchaliorofcsciin relanoD lothe slgN and lalues of sin r. n 28. Gmph ), : tan I andr = coli togethcr for I<r< 7 Com nenr on thebehaviofofcotrin relarion nr the signs and values of 29. Graph l, = snJ and | = lsiirl togethcr What arc thc dDsan ard ransc of Lslnr ? :10. Graphr=sinrandl= fsinr logcthcr whal dc the donain and rugc of sin f l?
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