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Ex 3_7 - 792 chapter s Differ€ntiation EXERCISES 3.7 b...

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Unformatted text preview: 792 chapter s: Differ€ntiation EXERCISES 3.7 b. O.aph / and/ ro8crher c. Fvaluarc //..1i ar I rind,f r']l/ra1r: /ralioshowthatal tlc\c porn(./l lf l,r(.frdri. r. l(rr rr+-r. d- | 2. /(r) :(lisE+7. a= I l. lrir = j .1!. d 1i2 1. "l(-r) : trr'. r - 0. d:5 5. e. sho\ rhxr /(r) : i and glrl = Vi arc i erses or on€ af- b. (nafh / and g oy.. an r-inlcFal ldge enough lo sho$ thc grrphs Inle.sechng rt (1. l) rtnd ( l. ll. Be nrc dre pic- rure shoes the requned slinrnrtr! aboul thc liner : L c. iind the slopes ofLhe lanscnts to thc grphs of/ ands at (1. lland( l, l)(nr tangcntsinall). d. wh.l hnes rre trngcnt to thc curvcs.l tle orlginl 6. .. sho\ that r(rl = rrir.+ ud r(rl : (.&)r I a.c iflcrscs ofone b. ftaph I and { orer a| r imerval large enough to show rhe sralhs Dreisecii'rg !t (2.2) dd ( 2, 2). Be $!.cdrc pic lue shows rhe requncd synmdr,v abonr rhe Line l r. c. tind rhe slolr.s ofthc tugents ro the graphs ar, and { at , / V.. n .-' lt\ r,:....
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