Ex 3_9 - 2 06 Chapter3: iffrentiation D inc.easirs ! t r hc...

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206 Chapter3: Diff€rentiation 5. Changing roltage The \oilage f'(tuLrsl. runcnt 1 (ampcresl rnd rc\nlancc R (olmsl ofan elecrric c;cuiL Likc thc onc sho$! here de relatcd by thc cqution L /R. SuDose tlat l'ls in .reasing al lhe ratc of L \.ohr s.c while 1is dede.\ing at tlc ratc ofl/3 amt,lsec Lctldcnot. tinc !r scconds. inc.easirs !t rhc mre of 2 cn,lsc whcn /= ]?dn an,l r : 5 cm. fi rd drc fttcs of ch.rge ol(x) thc arc!, (b) rhe pefune, ter. and (c) rhc lcreths ofrhc diagonrh.ithe rcctanglc. Which of these quxntiti€s arc dccrcasiry,.nd ihlch are incrcasing? Chnnging dimensiotrs in a rcctangul1r bor Suppose thar Lh. cdge lcngths r.I. aDd: ofa closed recrangula box are chmging 12. t-1. t5. t1. d,t , ,, "". . 11! 6. 7. 10. r. What ls drc raluc ofll,'1lrl b. whrt 'j the r.lue ofl/lr:) c. \lhat cqlarion relales lfith to dt itlt rnd dliL]tl d. Find rhe mre a1 vhich,4 is changing Fhen L : 12 \ori\ and / = 2 alrp Is,4lnfeasi,rc. o.dcc.casin8l Electrical po{rr l he po\!r P ($ttts) of ar eleclic cjrcurt rs relcred ro lhe ciicuir's resi\ldnoc i (olms) ddcu.rent / (ampcrcs) b,v thc cquation P : R/l a. How de r/Prrl. /,4i.4, anddlr, related ifn.nc ofP, n, ud 1 b. Hotr is /l/lr rclatcd to dl'lr if P is consr.nt:, Distencc Lel r and I bc dilterenti.ble funcri{rn\ ol / and lel , t,? 1: be tt" ituncc bct\reeo rle poinh F.0) and (0.-, a. Ho$ is /J/'rt .clarcd to dr1,, if r is .onnanfl b. Ho$,sr/j,d/rclaredto./a,1drrrdrl,rdrif ncrthef Jnorr.ls to.'r'rr, ifr is $nstanl? Dilgonds lfJ. .r,. ud:.re lenglhs ofthe cdgcs of. recl.ngular box. lhe coinnron lcnsth oi the bo\\ diasonals is ! : a. ssunrine tharr,r. dnd2 rrc difiirartrble furclnnN oL,. rorv rs ds,r.l rclared to .At1dl. /lidr. and d:1dl:) b. lro\ is dj r A relaled Lo ,4tr d and ./21., iiJ is constrnt:, . aid4./r fchtcd if r is $nstrntl Area Thc rrea,.1 ofa hianglc $ith sides of lengrhs ! and b c! closing an angle ofneasure d ls .l a. Hos ls d,.lr', rclarcd to,?u/lr ifd rnd, !rc constdnl b. Hov i\.trld/ relare{l to .*r/,, and /a/dr ifod!, is co.stanr? c. Horv i 5 drird related r. r/ar th. daidt andlbirltitnineofe. b. rnd d a.e const.rtl Heating ! plate Nhen a circular platc ofmetal is heated ir an oycn. ns.adius Dcre.ses al llc ratc ol0.0l cm/min. Al u,|!t tutc rs lhc platcs arca ircreasjrg \vhen thr radnN s 50 cn? Changi ng dinensions in i nrtansle lhe lerglh / of d rcoangle is decreaing it thc mte of 2 cin.'\cc while the widlh I is Findtnc.atcs at which the bor's (r) \.olunc. (b) snf.ce arex. nnd (c) didgonal lcnsth r: V-' r i +.'-" "l'"ngng,t tl" t,, stan vhcn r = 1.1': l.rnd:
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Ex 3_9 - 2 06 Chapter3: iffrentiation D inc.easirs ! t r hc...

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