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The supporting character I was most impressed with was Frenchie. She did a terrific job, both in her ineptness at her fashion degree ('it was so much work!'), and in her friendship and sensitivity towards Sandy. Kenickie was going through a 'cool' phase, as well, but he also needed to be accepted as a leader. Still, he looked up to Danny as the others did. I liked the way Danny tried very hard to turn into a jock. His attempts at sports were really funny , and when he finally finishes his track course, it's encouraging to see how far he has actually come in trying to win Sandy. However, I am afraid that his efforts have been compromised because of Sandy's change. Still, the movie had so many great moments , and the singing was a major highlight. All the songs, even the sappy 'Hopelessly Devoted' and 'Beauty School Dropout', were great, and wonderfully
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Unformatted text preview: performed. The dancing was also impressive. I liked the way that part of their 'coolness' was the ability to dazzle on the dance floor. However, even the quick shuffle on the stands while singing 'Summer Nights' thoroughly impressed me. More seriously , there was the disturbing message that the film has that it is better to bow to conformity and pick up bad habits like drinking and smoking than to live a clean life. One can only speculate how many teenagers in the last generation (and this one) have been influenced by that film in doing just that. Grease 2 has both these problems and more. Specifically , it lacks a good musical score, good direction and camera work , adequate substitutes for Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta (both of whom did not appear in the sequel), and a script that is even worse than its predecessors....
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