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Challenges of a Paper - There are many challenges that...

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There are many challenges that could arise when writing a persuasive paper such as having writers block, bad sentence structure, and using incorrect grammar. Writers block is the first challenge and happens to everyone. This is where the writer cannot think of anything to write which can be very frustrating and hard to overcome. Many writers think writers block is just in your head and does not really exist, this could be because of the fact that they have never experienced it. When in fact it’s very possible to get writers block, even the best writers in the world still get writers block. The second challenge is sentence structure. Sentence structure is the way a sentence is composed using proper grammar and punctuation. Knowing that a sentence is made up of all different kinds of speech tells us that having a good structure is a definite must. Sentence structure is important because the reader is not able to hear the tone of your voice while reading a sentence that is not correctly structured can be misunderstood. The last challenge is
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